Saturday, 26 May 2012

Police and Crime commissioners - get informed!

With the candidates for police and crime commissioners starting to come forward it's becoming really important for everyone to ensure they are well informed about the issues that will matter in this election.

Thames Valley Police have helpfully put together a report that gives information about the area they cover, the way they currently police and what their current priorities are.  It can be viewed here

This gives a great basis for thinking about what you want to know about the people putting themselves forward for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November.

The Labour party believes that the creation of these roles was both a waste of money that could be better spent protecting front line policing and runs the risk of politicising policing but that because these changes have happened we need to ensure that the people elected stand up for the issues that matter - whether that is neighbourhood policing, tackling anti-social behaviour or getting burglaries down.  Locally I will be pushing for the Police and Crime Commissioner to show local accountability to Reading and to listen to what matters to us.  That starts before they are elected but will continue into the future.