Wednesday, 2 July 2008

New bikes...

Am off work with a temperature today, hopefully just a virus, but we'll see.

Anyway just an update on training and the new bikes. We picked them up on Thursday and because I was very wobbly on them ended up walking home from Caversham. It's a very different experience to I'm used to!

We were away for the weekend at a 30th birthday so didn't get a chance to go out on them until Sunday and I was still pretty nervous. We decided to lower the saddle on mine by an inch to the point that I could touch the ground with one of my feet (just to toes) and went off to the park on them. Somewhat embarrassingly the little girl who lives next door but one was also out on her bike and was clearly much more confident than me - not to mention looking very cool with her purple patterns, doily child seat and stabilisers. By the end of Sunday I had just about got the hang of not muttering "I'm going to die, I'm going to die" every time I had to stop and unclip.

On Monday evening we decided to go crazy and actually go for a training ride. Unfortunately Joe was home late so we didn't leave until 7pm. However I finally got the confidence I needed.

Joe enjoyed using his bike computer and a couple of stats from our ride along the kennet and avon on Monday:
average speed (on bumpy track not road): 9.1 mph
distance: 18 miles
normal speed on road: 12 mph

This was not bad as originally we'd intended to do about 7miles and take it slow in order to get used to our bikes!

So the new bikes are being ridden to work now and are generally a hit. Joe also wanted to point out that his top speed so far, downhill and pedalling mind was 25 mph. This as in a 30 zone, so he needs to start watching out for speed cameras if he gets any faster.

I'm not going nearly as fast as that as I am a bit more cautious/boring depending on your point of view but on the flat on Monday I did find 15mph was very do-able.

We never did anything like on our old bikes, so hopefully this is really going to make a difference both to our training and to the actual ride.