Sunday, 20 July 2008

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with...

... forgetting to charge our camera.

Luckily we met a nice South African lady who offered to take our photo at Lands End who hopefully will email it to us in a few days. Other than that a successful first day. Feeling quite buoyed by our arrival at the YH.

Our train was delayed by about 2 hours and diverted via Gloucester which since we were sharing it with a whole host of Mcfly fans on their way to "T4 on the beach" was not very pleasant (Joe: 'just like being back in school'). However this simply meant we arrived at Lands end at 6pm instead of 4pm and our youth hostel at 7.50 instead of 6pm.

Fortunately they rustled up a pasta bake for us and we're now recharged and ready for tomorrow. Assuming that Rachel's left leg loses it's slight soreness.

Our biggest concern for the first hour was our lack of water - Penzance and the surrounding villages are quite old fashioned in closing-up on Sunday evenings. Never thought we'd be praying for a 24 hr Tesco's in the middle of the idyllic Cornish countryside! Once Rachel had hit the bottle, she was rejuvenated (who says life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle?)

Thanks Kate, Steve for your encouraging comment!

We did 23 miles today (2%!)

Not sure when the next update will be - possibly not till Glastonbury, otherwise Chester!